Greenhouse Gear

Did you know?

We offer greenhouse furnishings at The Good Earth Organics Supply! We have greenhouse plastic (this is the real deal, folks – Kool Lite 380!), light dep poly for black-outs, channel lock, and wiggle wire.

With the help of these pro greenhouse supply items, you can pop up a little DIY hoop house! This can be challenging to do alone, easier done with a barn-raising party. To keep it low-cost, use rebar or t-posts for your supports and PVC pipes for the hoops. Make sure you attach a few lengthwise supports onto your hoops. We use either more PVC or small scrap boards, one across each side of all the hoops about 4’ up from the ground and one across the top. Instead of channel lock and wiggle wire, a small setup needs only alligator clamps to hold onto your plastic.

If you need a larger greenhouse, we recommend seeking input from the good folks at Fullbloom Light Deprivation.

By Chad Shinerock