Cutting Edge Solutions

Cutting Edge Solutions’ award-winning line of nutrients, supplements and beneficials create the Northern Caiformula™. Meticulously developed with more than 50 years of experience in agricultural sciences and microbiology, they boldly claim and back up the statement, “We are your secret to success.”

The Northern Califormula™ is a professional formulation suitable for large-scale farms as well as small urban gardens.  Their products are simple to use and developed by farmers, for farmers.

Their proprietary formulation processes ensure rapid nutrient uptake and assimilation by your plants. They have strict quality control procedures that ensure guaranteed nutrient levels are always consistent for all of their products.

All Cutting Edge Solutions formulas contain no hormones, plant growth regulators, or dyes.

Pro Tip from Cutting Edge: 

*When adding Bulletproof Si to your water – wait 5 minutes before adding micro – then wait another 5 minutes before continuing with the feed charge sequence.

** Before adding Plant Amp, check your pH. Plant Amp contains organic acids, which cause a temporary low pH reading. DO NOT ADJUST pH UP. The pH will rise naturally as the plant uptakes the chelated calcium in one or two days.  Normal pH reading when using Cutting Edge Solutions product(s) – depending upon local water sources, will be anywhere from 4.5pH – 6.5 pH.


MICRO 6-0-0

CES Micro is the foundation of the CES mineral-based line. Micro is to be used in conjunction with the grow and/or bloom, in order to achieve a solid fertilizer base which can be used on it’s own, or built on with CES additives to achieve maximum growth. Micro is comprised of a high quality Nitrogen and Calcium base, fortified with micro nutrients. Micro is to be used throughout the entire growth cycle of a plant, regardless of vegetative or flowering cycles. Micro is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted and mixed first, before adding any other components of the CES system, failure to do so can cause lock-out with other ingredients.

GROW 2-1-6

CES Grow is another component of the CES base 3-part. To be used in the vegetative stage, grow adds more Nitrogen for growth, and Potassium to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic rate and energy transfer throughout the plant. Grow is used only in the vegetative stage and is completely omitted during the blooming stage.

BLOOM 0-6-5

CES Bloom is the second component of the base three part blooming formula, to be used in conjunction with the micro. Bloom is a Phosphorus heavy formula for enhancing flower production, as well as to encourage a plant to shift it’s hormonal signals from vegetative to flowering. Bloom also contains Potassium to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic rate and energy transfer throughout the plant. Bloom also contains lesser amounts of Magnesium and Sulfur, to help satisfy a plant’s needs. Bloom is also added to our vegetative usage guides, in conjunction with the micro and grow.

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