This coconut coir/peat moss-based soil is chock full of organic nutrients, making it perfect for growing award-winning outdoor gardens. Coconut coir promotes growth in many ways, including entrapping air, providing sites for the establishment of microorganisms, and allowing drainage during watering. With over 20 pounds of nutrients per yard, this soil ensures a great boost of nitrogen and no-feed maintenance for the first month after planting. All our soils have a pH of 5.8 to 6.4, so nutrient availability is never a problem.


Low-salt coconut coir, pumice, premium compost*, peat moss, perlite, humic acid (derived from humic shale), PSG*, alfalfa meal**, crustacean meal**, fishbone meal**, glauconite*, gypsum*, shrimp meal*, soybean meal*, worm castings, feather meal**, glacial rock dust*, langbeinite, and kelp meal*.             —*Organic, **OMRI-listed

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Available in
  • 10-gallon bags
  • 1- and 2-yard totes
  • Bulk yardage                     Call for prices

Bulk discounts available

About a week before winning four bags of soil from The Good Earth Organics Supply, I had planted butterhead lettuce seeds in “other” soil. The day after I won the raffle, I planted more of the same seeds in Gaia’s Gift, and they’re much bigger even though they’re younger. Now, even my neighbor has transplanted all his little lettuce starts into Gaia’s Gift!               –Glenda Koyama, home gardener, 2018


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Maintain moisture and prevent weeds.

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