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For over 8,000 years, gardeners have been using animal manure as an integral part of their growing methods. Composed primarily of NuFiber, Barnyard Bliss is heat-free and immediately usable. It is flexible for a wide range of applications, from nurturing starts to planting in raised beds to top-dressing around established plants. The manure in this blend creates the ideal environment for hosting a rich array of microbial life. We add pelletized chicken manure and alfalfa meal for nitrogen, and we finish it off with other favorite ingredients to make this a well-rounded backyard blend.


Aerobically digested dairy manure*, bark fines, pumice, pelletized chicken manure, humic acid (derived from humic shale), and alfalfa meal. —*OMRI-listed

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Available in
  • 10-gallon bags
  • 1- and 2-yard totes
  • Bulk yardage                     Call for prices

Bulk discounts available

It’s great stuff, my tomatoes are going absolutely bonkers. They already have flowers on them!               –Gus, backyard gardener, 2019


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