Mojave Yucca Extract: A Great Wetting Agent

Let’s talk about yucca extract.

This stuff is organic, potent, and awesome! We source our pure yucca extract concentrate directly from the desert to provide our customers with a high-quality wetting agent. Yucca is the most concentrated wetting agent on our shelf; we recommend using 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. That’s all you need to access what it has to offer!
Wetting Agent (or Soil Penetrant)
This makes the fertilizer solution and water “wetter” through reducing surface tension and allowing nutrients to penetrate the root zone quickly.
Soil Flocculant
For optimal plant growth, soil should be in a crumb-like form rather than fine-grain particles. These crumbs are known as “flocs.” Yucca promotes the formation of soil crumbs, thereby opening the soil to absorb water and nutrients.
Botanical Chelate
Yucca also functions as a chelating agent by helping organic molecules to bond with ions, which is important for nutrient uptake. Synthetic chelates do exist; however, the botanical variety furnished in organic bases like yucca are of greater benefit.

Trace Elements
Small amounts of elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, and copper have been found in yucca. Whether you use yucca in a foliar spray, compost tea, or other application, your plants will thank you for the extra care!