Cow Manure

NuFiber® provides an all-in-one soil building amendment.

NuFiber® is simply cellulose plant fiber, extracted from agriculture residuals, treated through a natural biological and thermal process, which produces a pathogen-free, organic soil amendment that can be used in lawn/garden and a variety of horticultural markets. Nutrient Control Systems has developed a complete process designed to wash and extract the cellulose and lignin plant fibers out of agriculture residuals. The fiber is then treated in an in-vessel aerobic-biological process, which further reduces moisture, kills pathogens and eliminates offensive odor.

Abounding in BENEFITS:

  • Renewable/Sustainable
  • Retains Water
  • Provides Plant Nutrients
  • Provides Soil Aeration
  • Provides Beneficial Micro-organisms
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Pathogen Free
  • Multiple Uses
  • Solves a Dairy Industry Problem
  • Economical