Refresh 6-6-3

We like to push our gardens to their fullest possible yield—and that drains our soil of its vitality! Knowing how much time and energy it takes to measure individual amendments, we specially crafted Refresh to restore and renew our growing media in one easy step. With its high nitrogen content, Refresh is appropriate for fully established, nitrogen-loving plants. It encourages rapid development of leaves and other foliage during the vegetative stage (keep reading to learn more about NPK). To use, simply mix it into or top-dress your soil, and envision lush vegetation!

Fishbone meal**, feather meal**, alfalfa meal**, humic acid (derived from humic shale), worm castings, shrimp meal*, soybean meal*, crustacean meal**, sulfate of potash**, gypsum*, K-Mag Trio**, greensand*, seabird guano*, kelp meal*, and glacial rock dust*
*Organic, **OMRI-listed

All plants with green foliage have a need for three major macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). During vegetative stage, nitrogen is most essential for the development of leaves and other green growth. Nitrogen remains important throughout the life of a plant, since foliage is required for plants to photosynthesize. However, eventually it will be time for a plant to transition into flowering/fruit-producing, at which point nitrogen should be reduced so that the plant redirects its energy away from its foliage and toward other growth. At that time, an increase in phosphorous and potassium is crucial. These two macronutrients enable plants to produce healthy root systems, strong stems, and bountiful flowers and fruits.

40-50 pounds Refresh per 2 cubic yards of soil
15-25 pounds Refresh per 1 cubic yard of soil
1/2-1 pound Refresh per 1 cubic foot of soil

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