Transition: When Blooming Begins

So far this season I have visited many gardens. While no garden is without it’s issues, most look quite stunning!  The end of July and beginning of August tend to bring out the transition period for outdoor gardens.

For most gardeners, this means boosting the percentages of phosphorus and potash to produce hearty flowers and vigorous blooms.

We have several Liquid Nutrient Organic amendments to help with this, for example:

  • High Phos Bat Guano
  • High Phos Seabird Guano
  • Mother Earth Meal Mix ( Bloom)
  • Down to Earth Bio Live (Bloom)
  • Age Old (Bloom)
  • Botanicare Pro Soil (Bloom)
  • Earth Juice Sugar Peak (Flower)

I don’t recommend cutting Nitrogen completely out at this point. If you find new growth yellowing, add additional nitrogen.

The time for transition is also great for preparing your plant’s systemic health, prevent powdery mildew, mold, and stem rot. These products can assist:

  • Organocide Plant Doctor
  • Companion
  • Seranade
  • Actinovate
  • Regalia

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