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“Cure for the Mondays” | A Good Earth Film

From Gaia’s gift to Zen Blend, The Good Earth Organics provides soil & garden supplies for cultivators of all kinds! Cure your “Case of the Mondays” with a good vibes edit featuring “Monday Morning Blues” by Mississippi John Hurt. Special thanks to Larry Graves of the Josephine County Airport Department for providing access to the airspace for the...

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Ballasts A top-quality grow light ballast converts electricity from standard outlets into the voltage needed to start and operate high intensity plant lighting. Our extensive selection allows you to shop for the best equipment that fits your needs and budget, whether high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), magnetic coil or digital (electronic) — and in the wattage you need to complete the project. Just starting out or want to make sure you’ve made the perfect choice? Give us a call at 541-592-4855 or email us at                                ...

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Lights Our Cave Junction headquarters is loaded with a full spectrum of lighting to outfit your indoor garden. For the growers who are unable to cultivate their plants outside in the free abundant sunshine, grow lights are necessary to successfully grow indoors. Grow lights take the place of the sun, and power the growth of your plants and their buds. Light is like “food” for your plants, so without a lot of bright light, even a healthy plant won’t flourish as much. Fluorescent (You may also hear: CFL, T5, T8, T12) Popular for propagation, early vegetative growth and over-wintering semi-hardy and tender plants. T5 fluorescents are the most modern type. They are available as single, daisy-chainable strips or in panel arrays. Lamps need to be matched to the fixture (high output (HO) or very high output (VHO)). Different spectral distribution lamps are available for “daylight” and “bloom.” Daylight lamps are used for propagation, vegetative growth and over-wintering. Bloom lamps are commonly used as side-lighting for larger plants flowering indoors. Learn more about how to set up and use a fluorescent grow light. High Intensity Discharge (HID) (You may also hear: High Pressure Sodium, HPS, Metal Halide) The most common type of grow light for general purpose indoor applications-extremely efficient and capable of producing intense light indoors. Metal Halide (MH) lamps give off a bluish spectrum, perfect for vegetative growth. They also contain some...

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General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics Over 40 years ago, an inspired group of scientists, engineers and technicians came together with an ambitious goal: to advance agricultural quality and innovation through the use of key manufacturing processes and cutting-edge research. They succeeded. But it was only the beginning. In launching General Hydroponics, that team created a foundation that’s allowed us to expand in meaningful and industry-changing directions. We now have state-of-the-art facilities in North America and Europe where researchers develop products, solutions and systems that help you care for your plants in a way that delivers the best possible results. Our facility in...

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FoxFarm Proudly Owned & Operated by Willy Winer & Family, Humboldt County, California. As a nationally recognized family-owned company, we are dedicated to producing the finest quality garden products available anywhere. Because organic ingredients play such a large role in our company, all formulas are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control. We offer custom blended soil mixes, natural and organic fertilizers as well as organic-based products that Combine the Best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature™. FoxFarm in stock at our Cave Junction store today! Call (541) 592-4855 to place an order or...

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