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Shade Your Soil with Mulch As our growing season progresses and summer solstice draws near, we start anticipating long, hot days ahead. This is a good time to think about shading your soil, and mulching! Shading your soil from the summer heat can save water, compete with weeds, protect soil biology, reduce stress, and build habitat. I could have a long and animated conversation about mulch: which kinds I like, what I have tried, what did not work, and what is worth paying for. However, this is a short taste to get you inspired to take action—and mulch! What should I use? Mulching can be accomplished by spreading any of these materials on your soil: High-quality compost Yes, it is really the most deluxe mulch, since it both protects and feeds your soil. There is nothing better than shoveling a dark, earthy load of compost onto your growing beds. You can literally see your plants saying, “Thank you!” Decomposing woodchips This woody blend is great for supporting the fungal allies in your soil. Since it takes longer to break down, your plants can benefit all season long. Grass clippings This valuable waste product contains a lot of free nitrogen! Then, after it is dry, it becomes a fluffy layer of mulch. Free, easy to find, and gives plants a boost. Just make sure it’s organic and doesn’t contain any...

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Refresh 5-4-2 We like to push our gardens to their fullest possible yield–and that drains our soil of its vitality! Knowing how much time and energy it takes to measure individual amendments, we specially crafted Refresh to restore and renew our growing media in one easy step. With its high nitrogen content, Refresh is appropriate for fully established, nitrogen-loving plants. It encourages rapid development of leaves and other foliage during the vegetative stage. To use, simply mix it into or top-dress your soil, and envision lush vegetation! Application rates  50 pounds Refresh per 2 cubic yards of soil 25 pounds Refresh per 1 cubic yard of soil 1 pound Refresh per 1 cubic foot of soil share this product Share Follow Share...

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Insect Frass

Insect Frass Insect frass is insect poop (like guano or castings). But unlike bats or birds, insect frass actually comes from plants. In all natural ecosystems, insects feed on and digest vegetation and give it right back to the soil in the form of nature’s perfect plant food, insect frass! Plants benefit insects – insects benefit plants! Insect frass naturally contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients plants require, including silica. It stimulates a plant’s auto-immune system and protects it from pests and pathogens, such as botrytis, root rot, and stem rot. Insect frass is NOT a pesticide. Insect frass is NOT a fungicide. Insect frass will NOT put insects into your garden. Give your plants all the benefits of insect frass, without the bugs! Insect frass is vegan! For pre-mixing: 1 cup per cubic foot of soil, which will last through the next three weeks. Beginning the fourth week, top dress every seven days. For top dressing: Sprinkle over root zone, then water in thoroughly. For transplanting: Add a pinch of frass and mycorrhizae. For hydroponics: Top-dress any grow media (Rockwool, Coco, Hydroton). Add 2 cups per 30 gallons of water (strain for drip systems). Add directly to reservoir for ebb and flow or flood-to-drain systems. For root drench: 1 Tbsp to 1/2 cup frass per gallon of water. For foliar feeding: 1 Tbsp per gallon of water; shake...

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Cow Manure

Cow Manure Agra Peet is a premium organic soil amendment made from processed dairy manure.  The dairy manure is pressed by a mechanical screw press that separates the liquids from the solid materials.  The fibrous materials present in dairy manure are essentially the natural plant fibers present in livestock feed rations such as corn and alfalfa that the cows do not fully digest.  After leaving the press, these natural plant fibers are placed in a slow turning drum for 24 hours.  During that time the Agra Peet heats up naturally under aerobic conditions killing most pathogens and removing more moisture. Agra Peet is a sustainable and renewable substitute for sphagnum peat moss and coco coir and can be used as a stand alone planting soil or in potting soil blends or as an agricultural soil amendment.  The finished Agra Peet is an odorless, fluffy product similar in appearance and texture to peat moss.  Agra Peet adds structure and water holding capacity to potting soils and other soil amendments. Abounding in BENEFITS: Renewable/Sustainable Retains Water Provides Plant Nutrients Provides Soil Aeration Provides Beneficial Micro-organisms Improves Soil Structure Pathogen Free Multiple Uses Solves a Dairy Industry Problem Economical Share Follow Share...

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Worm Castings

Worm Castings SILVER BAIT LLC Odorless, water-soluble, pH-balanced, and rich in nutrients like NPK, trace elements, enzymes, and microorganisms. Improves soil biology Improves water-holding capacity No animal products Okay to use on edibles Application rate: 1-2 cu ft per 100 sq ft, mixed in prior to planting. In compost teas: 3-4 tablespoons per 5 gallons, added to tea bag mix. Share Follow Share...

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