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'Tis the Season!!! start preparing for your next outdoor grow! We've got all the supplies you will need and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you plan a successful garden. Check out our price list below or, better yet, come by the shop so that we can help you get a head start on making the most out of the upcoming growing season. As the #1 supplier of bulk and bagged soil in Southern Oregon, we are gratified to hear about the exceptional results our customers have described when using our soil last year. We look forward to meeting your needs this year and have worked hard to source only the highest quality starting materials. Come and talk to our experienced staff to help you plan your garden! Here's a partial list of places we serve: Ashland, Medford, Merlin, Grants Pass, Central Point, Phoenix, Gold Hill, Eugene, Seattle, Humboldt County, Redding, CA...If you're in the Pacific Northwest and need nutrients or harvest supplies, The Good Earth Organics is the place to call.


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